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Dal Canada. Blogging illegal in Italy?

6 ottobre 2008


Blogging illegal in Italy?

by Scott Gilbreath ~ October 6th, 2008

Earlier this year an Italian judge invoked a 1948 law against “clandestine newspapers” in ordering a writer to close his blog.  Now an Italian politician has expressed his fear that “almost the entire Italian internet” is illegal.

The story begins back in May, when a judge in Modica (in Sicily) found local historian and author Carlo Ruta guilty of the crime of “stampa clandestina” – or publishing a “clandestine” newspaper – in respect of his blog. The judge ruled that since the blog had a headline, that made it an online newspaper, and brought it within the law’s remit.

The penalties for this crime are not onerous: A fine of 250 Euros or a prison sentence of up to two years. [Two years' imprisonment sounds pretty onerous to me -- ed.] Carlo Ruta was fined and ordered to take down his site, which has now been replaced by a blank page, headed “Site under construction”, and a link directing surfers to his new site. Hardly serious stuff – except that he now has a criminal record, and his original site has disappeared.

The ruling against Mr Ruta could still be overturned by a higher court.  In the meantime, another Italian journalist-blogger has been hauled into court.

I’d imagine Canada’s “human rights” commissars would love to see a similar law here

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